Drivers say recent auto-pedestrian accidents add to Methadone Mile safety concerns

BOSTON — A string of auto-pedestrian accidents this week in the area commonly referred to as ‘Methadone Mile’ is adding to escalating neighborhood concerns.

For the last week, Boston 25 News has been digging deeper into the current issues impacting safety and quality of life in the community.

This summer, partly because of the pandemic, there has been a noticeable increase in people gathered near the intersection of Mass Ave and Melnea Cass.

Drivers who pass through that area told Boston 25 News they are worried not only for themselves but also for those gathered outside the comfort station set up by the city.

“It’s pretty crazy,” said driver Jack Grayson. “They are in that one spot. It’s kind of a blind corner and it comes up pretty quick. It’s dangerous especially when people are kind of pretty out of it.”

There have been at least three confirmed auto-pedestrian accidents at the intersection in the last six days. Drivers in two of those incidents were arrested and charged with OUI.

Law enforcement sources told Boston 25 News that police have been routinely busy this summer responding to reported auto-pedestrian accidents at this location.

As Boston 25 News was filming in the area for Thursday night’s report, Boston Police got another call about a reported auto-pedestrian accident nearby.

A BPD spokesperson said police were not able to confirm that incident because the man who was reportedly hit was not cooperative.

“It’s really scary. Just walking down the street where I live has been pretty tough,” said Olivia Burca, who was moving out of the neighborhood on Thursday. “That definitely doesn’t make me want to live in this area.”

Both MSP and BPD details constantly watch over the area in an effort to keep things orderly.

One neighbor told Boston 25 News it still feels like “a free for all” especially after dark.

“Around every corner, it’s like ten people on drugs and you trying to navigate through them,” she said. “It’s really sad.”