VIDEO: Woman accused of stealing purse, assaulting employees at Worcester nursing home

WORCESTER, Mass. — Worcester Police are searching for a woman accused of stealing a purse and assaulting employees at a nursing home.

The nursing home scuffle on Tuesday morning was captured on security cameras, showing workers trying to stop the woman who’s trying to steal from them. Police shared the video with Boston 25 News.

In the video, a woman is seen walking into a room at the nursing home. An employee follows behind her into the room and tries to lock the suspect inside. When confronted, the suspect fights back violently, knocking employees to the ground more than once. Police say she threw one woman to the ground and slammed another woman’s hand in a door. Several other employees jump in to help, but the suspect eventually breaks out of the room, pushing over one of the employees, and escapes.

Police say one of the women who fought back has a possible concussion, another broke a finger, and the third has some back trouble.

Despite the effort of all three women, police say the suspect got away.

Witnesses told police that the suspect was driving a maroon SUV with a Lyft sticker on the back windshield and fancy rims.

Crystal Makowski, who visited the nursing home on Friday, said, “This is a very great place, very accommodating, almost like a family here, so it would be very unsuspecting for someone to come with that type of motivation.”

Police said this wasn’t the first time someone has robbed this nursing home.

“I hope they get her. This is where you feel safe and the last place you expect someone to go for a robbery, as well as doing an assault,” Makowski said.

If you have any information, contact Worcester Police.