Cambridge residents concerned after ‘wild turkeys’ seen attacking people

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — The parade of turkeys is hard to miss along Huron Avenue and neighboring streets in Cambridge. A tipster told Boston 25 News that a mailman was attacked in the area. Something that is not surprising to neighbors who see them all the time.

“Oh they’re showing off,” said Mika Elsner in this video her dad shot last week.

The video shared with Boston 25 shows the daily turkey trot that normally takes place just as the neighborhood kids head out to school each morning.

“It’s something you have to be conscious of walking down the street because they will chase after us,” said Emily Hill.

Hill and her seven-year-old daughter Julia know that firsthand.

“A turkey crossed the road. We got her off her scooter and tried to wave it to scare it away. It got even more aggressive and started running after us,” said Hill.

They got home safely but turkeys are everywhere strutting their stuff in this Huron Village neighborhood.

“They are all over. They travel in big herds. They jump up in the trees,” said Hill.

Jonathan Elsner, who shot this video, says it shows the birds take over the sidewalks and the streets, even blocking traffic.

“That’s why I worry. I always walk the kids to school. I don’t let them go alone,” said Elsner.

His daughter’s friends were recently chased on the way to school.

“Suddenly they just cocked their heads and they had to run really fast,” said Mika Elsner.

Luckily, the girls were not harmed.

“They ran up a hill and around a corner but it was like terrifying,” she said.

Those girls and other neighbors are now on edge as they try to practice some turkey tolerance, they’ve also learned to keep a safe distance.

“If you try to shoo them away it actually antagonizes them and they will come after you,” said Hill.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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