Acton business refurbishes hardwood floors inside the White House and Supreme Court

ACTON, Mass. — A local hardwood flooring company just worked pretty sweet gigs at some of the most famous addresses in the world and this isn’t the first time they’ve had big-time clients.

Jay Bourgeois has gone where very few ever have. A walk into U.S. history.

“We did Amy Coney Barrett’s chambers. She’s moving into those chambers, Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s old place,” he said.

Bourgeois, who owns JJ Hardwood Floors in Acton, was part of a 7-member team from around the country that restored the hardwood floors for the newest Supreme Court Justice.

“Once you start working on the floor you know everything’s just got to be perfect. A tremendous sense of pride,” Bourgeois said.

During the August trip, Bourgeois and the team also refurbished one of the guest bedrooms at the White House, one floor above where the president sleeps. They were supposed to do the Red, Green, and Blue Rooms as well, but couldn’t because President Biden didn’t leave the White House.

“You were very aware of what was going on and how close you were to the president of the United States and you just had to be careful. No texting. They took your phone, you couldn’t take phone calls,” he said.

Bourgeois is no stranger to high-profile jobs in Washington, D.C. In February, he restored the hardwood floors at Number-One Observatory Circle, better known as the vice president’s home. He says this trip, especially going behind the scenes at the Supreme Court, was just as impactful.

“You have this tremendous sense of pride you realize the people escorting you around are giving you a special opportunity.”

Bourgeois said he will be going back down to D.C. to refurbish the hardwood floors in the Red, Green, and Blue Rooms of the White House next spring or summer. He hopes to be part of the team that refurbishes the floors of the Oval Office sometime next year, too.

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