25 Investigates: Prosecution responds to defense claims of cover-up in O’Keefe murder

CANTON, Mass. — In a filing late on Monday, the prosecution responded for the first time to multiple claims made by Officer John O’Keefe’s girlfriend Karen Read’s defense team that she’s been framed – and this was some sort of cover-up.

Officer John O’Keefe was found dead outside of the Canton home of a Boston police officer in January of 2022.

Police have accused Karen Read of hitting O’Keefe with her SUV and leaving him to die in a blizzard.

As 25 investigates reported earlier this month, Read’s lawyers say autopsy photos show O’Keefe was not hit by a car, but was severely beaten and had marks on his arms that appear to be dog bites.

According to prosecutors, the medical examiner who performed an autopsy on O’Keefe detailed that she “observed no signs of an altercation or fight from her examination” and went on to describe his “right arm injuries as scratches caused by a blunt object.”

The defense says one of the witnesses made an incriminating Google search hours before she claimed O’Keefe’s body was discovered.

The prosecution responded on Monday, that the Google search “Ho(w) long to die in cold”, did not occur at 2:27:40 a.m.”

In fact, in the new filings, the prosecution argues that the defense incorrectly interpreted the cell phone data. People inside Brian Albert’s Canton home told police O’Keefe never came inside.

Read’s defense disputes that claim, saying their data pulled from O’Keefe’s phone shows not only did he go inside but he traveled 3 flights of stairs once in the house.

The prosecution has an answer for that too.

In the records released on Monday, prosecutors say their data shows O’Keefe hadn’t even arrived at the house when that movement on his phone was recorded, saying “Mr. O’Keefe’s phone would have (been) ascending/descending within the Fairview residence, prior to his arrival.”

Last week, 25 Investigates reported that the cause of O’Keefe’s death was never determined.

The case against Karen Read is due back in court for a hearing on May 3rd, and both sides say they will release more information in that hearing.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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