• Leominster seeing rise in heroin overdoses


    LEOMINSTER, Mass. - There's been an uptick in overdoses in Leominster since Jan. 1, several of them deadly.

    Responding to a number of social media posts calling it a “hot spot” of OD deaths, Leominster police put out new data on the number of calls they've responded to.

    The chief said six people died from heroin overdoses since the beginning of the year and they've responded to 28 calls to treat them in that time. Fifteen of those calls were in February alone.

    "Opiate overdoses are trending up in Leominster. They have been,” said interim Police Chief Michael Goldman.

    Every member of the force is trained in the administer of narcan and it can take anywhere from one to six doses to bring someone back.

    In the last three days they've responded to four calls for heroin overdose.

    Goldman says the problem is only getting worse as drug dealers are getting more and more ruthless.

    “To get that better and longer high they are cutting it with incredible stuff. Draino has been found in some heroin,” he said.

    Goldman said money earmarked for an addiction specialist for Leominster was cut from the state budget this year, and that makes police and fire a band aid.

    He's preparing to cut salaries in his own department.

    “Quite bluntly, to cut from another area to get a part time clinician because it's absolutely, I believe, it's absolutely essential,” said Goldman. 


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