Lakeville man puts up fake police cruiser to slow down cars

LAKEVILLE, Mass. — A Lakeville man has a life-size Crown Victoria in his driveway, all made of plywood and aluminum siding.

The guy who owns the look-alike police cruiser says it's been getting people to slow down for years.

"It’s reflective, so even at night it catches everybody's eye,” said Kelly Tufts.

Tufts has lived on Bedford Street for several years and has seen the speed limit go from 25 to 35 on the road in front of his house. He said that people often go much faster.

"They go 50, average 50 plus. we try to keep them slowing down for kids and dogs,” he said.

He got the sign from a friend who had a salvage yard in Wareham years ago, and now puts it out on weekends, especially holiday weekends in the summertime.  It got a number of people to slow down when Boston 25 News was there.

Kelly says he's gotten lots of good feedback about his sign, including from law enforcement.

"Town cops are ok with it. They like it. I’ve had the ambulance pull in, ask to take pictures with it,” he said.

He also tells us there are lot of people who aren’t too crazy about his sign, but he's not too worried about them.

"We've had some people give us the one finger. But whatever. If it was their neighborhood, they'd enjoy it," he said.