Kayakers rescue 6 puppies dumped in sack in river

UXBRIDGE, Mass. — Kayakers rescued six puppies that were stuffed in a sack, dumped in a river and left for dead Sunday.

The pair were kayaking in the Blackstone River off River Road, when they heard whimpering and discovered the bag, Uxbridge Police Chief Jeffrey Lourie told Boston 25 News.

"Obviously, it’s a heinous act. We’re talking very violent - in my opinion - act towards these defenseless puppies," Lourie said. "The good news in this, the puppies had a guardian angel looking over them."

The kayakers pulled the puppies to safety and called police. Animal Control began medical aid on the week-old pups, so young their eyes and ears still weren't open. The runt of the litter required extra attention.

"The little guy, he was on the bottom of the bag when found," said Regional Animal Control Officer Kevin Sullivan. "He actually had quite a bit of water in his lungs. Up until this morning, he was still pushing mud out of his nose."

The puppies, believed to be Labrador retriever or golden retriever mixes, were taken to a local veterinarian, where the runt was given antibiotics and the rest probiotics. They have been fed a mix of puppy formula and goat milk by bottle every two hours.

By Monday, all six were in good health.

"It's nice to see that we're going to have a good outcome," Sullivan said, "and these puppies have a chance. They have a fighting chance."

Sullivan and his family are caring for the puppies at home. Despite the overwhelming interest from the community, the pups will not be ready for adoption for another eight or nine weeks.

Police ask anyone who has information about the incident, which likely occurred between 11:30 a.m., and 1 p.m., on Sunday, to call them 508-278-7755.

Surveillance video at a nearby business show a man on a mountain bike riding by around the time of the incident. Police believe he may be witness.

Earlier today, six puppies were found by a kayaker. These puppies were tied up in a grain bag and left for dead after...

Posted by Uxbridge Police Department on Sunday, September 24, 2017

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