• Judge revokes bail for man accused of harassing women in Shrewsbury

    By: Kathryn Burcham


    SHREWSBURY, Mass. - A Worcester man will remain in jail after prosecutors said he harassed and followed at least four women in a shopping plaza, while awaiting trial for harassing a female co-worker.

    Shrewsbury Police arrested Richard Agyemang Monday after they said multiple women filed reports this spring that Agyemang had approached them near a Panera restaurant.

    In two cases, police said Agyemang tried to get into the victim's car.

    "He entered into the passenger side of the vehicle. [The victim] told him 'no, no, no.' to get out, he did, and she left the area and called the police," Officer David Faucher testified in court Tuesday afternoon.

    In one case, police said Agyemang followed a woman from Shrewsbury to her home Worcester, and then tried to enter her home.

    During Agyemang's dangerousness hearing to determine bail, prosecutors noted the alleged incidents occurred while Agyemang was already out on bail for a similar case in Hopkinton, where he was accused of following and harassing a female co-worker.

    FOX25 obtained the court documents that said in October 2015, after the victim spurned physical advances by Agyemang, he followed her for nearly an hour and a half.

    When he was arrested, police found a bottle of urine inside Agyemang's car.

    Agyemang told officers he did not want to leave his car to urinate and risk missing the sight of the victim in her car, so he used the bottle and remained in his vehicle, according to court records.

    Agyemang also told Hopkinton police he had feelings for the woman, but she did not reciprocate those feelings simply because she was playing hard to get, according to court documents.

    In court Tuesday, prosecutors said although Agyemang did not know any of the other four alleged victims, he expressed similar statements about his feelings.

    Officer Faucher told the judge in one case, "Agyemang stated that [the victim] had looked into his eyes and he took that as an invitation."

    One of Agyemang's alleged victims was in the courtroom Tuesday, and told FOX25 that Agyemang claimed she was "flirting" with him and had "winked" at him before he began following her from the Shaw's supermarket in Shrewsbury in April.

    "He knew what he was doing was wrong," Tecia Coelho told FOX25. "Not only does he know my address, he knows my daughter's car and that's very dangerous."

    A judge revoked Agyemang's bail and ordered him to stay behind bars until his next court appearance on July 6.

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