• Here's what's inside Boston's 'Christmas Castle'

    By: Blair Miller


    BOSTON - Danielle and Chuck could only smile as they sorted through the racks of clothes Monday morning. 

    Holiday shopping is something most of take as a rite of the season. But, simply put, not everyone can afford it. 

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    The Salvation Army's "Christmas Castle" in Boston is helping Danielle and Chuck.

    "It's a good thing to come here every year to try to get something for the kids," Chuck told Boston 25 News. 

    The couple was Christmas shopping for their two kids who are 11 and 13.

    "I want it to be happy. That's why I come here. I want it to be happy for my two kids," Danielle said. 

    The Christmas Castle serves 5,000 families Christmas dinner every year and gives them the chance to pick out toys and coats that have all been donated.

    What's happening at the Castle will impact 20,000 people in the greater Boston area. 

    Vinny Plourde makes the event happen every year. He's been doing it for 16 years.

    "We've been very fortunate and very blessed," he said. "And we believe we have a responsibility to pay it forward."

    And that's exactly what so many join him to do, knowing the impact will be felt far from what's happening inside the building.

    "People are really grateful and moved by what they get to select," Salvation Army Major Gregory Hartshorn said. "They get to choose and leave with a whole big bag of items."

    But families walk out with more than just a bag full of coats and toys. They walk out with the cherished Christmas feeling everyone else gets.  

    "This is a good help, people need it," said Chuck. 

    The event goes on for three days. Families that come have already been selected, but families that haven't pre-registered won't be turned away.

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