Outdoor dining is back on Moody Street in Waltham

WALTHAM, Mass. — In Waltham, outdoor dining is back on Moody Street.

Saturday was the first day restaurants could set up outside with part of the street shut down to traffic.

“I’m excited! It’s almost like you’re kicking off the season,” said Dave Becker, owner of the restaurant Sweet Basil. “It’s officially summer now as far as I’m concerned.”

Some restaurant owners said they spent at least 6 hours creating elaborate setups.

Extravagant floral displays lined the street.

“We tried to bring more of the garden vibe in to make it feel peaceful and beautiful, but also safe,” said Erin Barnicle, owner of the restaurant Tempo. “We used dividers this year to give people a sense of security. COVID is still here.”

Barnicle’s friend, Hafsa Lewis, told Boston 25 that she helped design the floral arrangements for Tempo, and wanted to show her support by eating at the restaurant for the first day outdoors.

“It feels so good and definitely the weather is an added bonus, because we’re all itching to be out and social,” said Lewis. “It feels really nice.”

Last year, many restaurant owners credited the outdoor dining program with helping them financially survive through the pandemic.

Many diners were equally excited to see it back again.

“They certainly put a lot of effort into it. A lot of carpentry, a lot of setting up,” said Tim Harrington of Dorchester.

“This is really nice. I don’t have this in my neighborhood, so I’d definitely come back,” diner Karen Norris of Brighton told Boston 25 News.

The outdoor dining plan will continue through October.

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