Local expert: COVID doesn’t discriminate based on who you are

BOSTON — If anything, President Donald Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis shows one thing about this virus, one local medical expert said Friday.

“Well COVID is COVID and it doesn’t really discriminate based on who the person is," said Dr. C. Michael Gibson, a Harvard professor and cardiologist.

The president’s positive test results now require a common practice called contact tracing.

Quincy Public Health Commissioner Ruth Jones says it’s the basis of preventing disease transmission.

“It gives us an idea of who the person’s been in close contact with. Should they be tested? And should they be quarantined?” Jones said.

The CDC spells out guidelines for who should be tested.

“You’d have to be within six feet or less for 15 minutes or more,” Jones said.

Dr. Gibson thinks those guidelines may have to be expanded for President Trump.

“You can actually spread for more than 48 hours so that is probably a little short. So out of an abundance of caution you might look back 4 days,” Gibson said.

And what about those rallies for President Trump that draw thousands? Well Jones says: “I’m not sure how close the President gets to people in rallies, probably not that close.”

However, when it comes to getting to and from those rallies, Dr. Gibson thinks there may be another risk factor for President Trump.

“Keep in mind that the President has been in close quarters on Air Force One and that may put some people at more risk because they’re not outdoors,” he said.

In the meantime, these health experts say prevention is the best medicine. They remind people to practice social distancing, wear masks in crowded public spaces and wash your hands frequently.

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