As February break ends, returning students have one more assignment: a COVID-19 test

As February break ends, returning students have one more assignment: a COVID-19 test

BOSTON — February break is coming to an end and families are returning to Massachusetts after a full vacation week off. Dozens of families flew into Logan Airport on Saturday night.

“We went to the beach and stuff,” said Chris Allen, a high schooler in Norwell who was returning from a family trip to Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Before students return to the classroom, many families still have one last trip to go on together: to a COVID-19 testing site.

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“I’m getting a test in like a couple of days or something. I’m going back to high school,” he said.

Allen’s mother told Boston 25 News that they were all doing their best to comply with state guidelines.

“We went down to Fort Lauderdale, we were there for five nights and had a lot of outside beach time,” Melissa Allen said. “The schools are just asking them to follow the Mass. rules, so we do have appointments for tests on Monday, and they’re hybrid so we have the time to get that done.”

Other families said they were thankful for some time off and also intended to comply.

“We went to see the Red Wood Forest and the coast,” said local father Pat Sheeky, who was returning with his children from Seattle. “Just took advantage of the school vacation.”

State guidelines require anyone who leaves Massachusetts to either quarantine for two weeks or to get a negative COVID-19 test upon their return. School districts across the state have pleaded with parents to have children comply before returning to the classroom.

Some local districts are asking parents to submit their child’s negative test results to school nurses and are even adding testing appointments for the Saturday and Sunday before class on Monday.

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