Harmony Montgomery reward fund now $104,000

MANCHESTER, N.H. — The citizen’s reward fund set up to try to find a seven-year-old missing New Hampshire girl has now reached $104,000.

Harmony Montgomery was last seen in 2019.

Manchester, NH Police say, in nearly two weeks since the reward fund was created, they’ve received 300 tips.

“I would hope that it wouldn’t take money for somebody to do the right thing,” Manchester, NH Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said. “People have different motivators in life, so if money is one of them, then come forward with some relevant and viable information. And let us take it from there.”

This week, the FBI and Manchester, NH Police wrapped up a multi-day search at the Gilford Street house where Harmony was last living with her biological father, Adam Montgomery, and his estranged wife, Kayla Montgomery, along with the couple’s children.

Both Adam and Kayla are in jail, held on charges related to Harmony.

Both are refusing to talk to the police about her whereabouts.

Manchester’s Police Chief tells us, he’s ready to listen.

“If those two people want to talk to the Manchester police department about this case, that can happen at any time, any place,” Chief Aldenberg said. “The door is open. The phone is open I don’t care if it’s two in the morning, we’ll be available to have that discussion.”

Manchester Police believe no one has seen Harmony Montgomery since October or November 2019.

At the time, Adam Montgomery had legal custody of Harmony.

Harmony’s mother, Crystal Sorey, frustrated that she could not reach Harmony or Adam, contacted police in November 2019.

That means, for the third winter, Harmony’s whereabouts are unknown.

Manchester Police believe Harmony is still alive.

“I have to remain hopeful,” Chief Aldenberg said. “The public has to remain hopeful. And that’s what I keep going back to: somebody knows something. Until somebody tells me otherwise and shows me something concrete, and valuable that says she is not, then this is investigation is geared towards as if Harmony is still alive.”

TIPS: 603.203.6060