Gun shop owners say demand has surged

Gun shop owners say demand has surged

WOBURN, Mass. — Gun shop owners say they’ve seen an increase in people wanting to purchase a firearm, but there is a detailed, step-by-step process required before getting a license to carry in the Commonwealth.

“It can take anywhere from two months to six months,” explained Chris Kielty, owner of Precision Point Firearms in Woburn.

“The home firearms safety class is required in order to obtain your license to carry. It’s a four-hour class,” added certified firearms instructor Lakasha Robbins.

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Robbins is also the co-founder of Massachusetts Women Gun Owners. The organization has gained 75 members in just two months.

“I think people are just really scared, with the time right now, it’s uncertain times,” said Robbins. ”Mostly every private lesson I’ve been doing has been brand new shooters or have had their license to carry but never really had any formal training and now they just want to feel comfortable and confident with their firearm.”

Kielty says people are looking for handguns, rifles, or shotguns. While talking with him about the increase in demand, he referenced the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty with police protection, and protests as possible reasons.

“March 16 is when things really took off and there were lines out the door with people worried about protecting themselves,” said Kielty. “It’s even worse now considering the current climate.”

The price of a gun can start at $350, so finding what you want may be challenging on a tight budget. Additionally, there is a fee for a license to carry, a firearms identification card, and other permits.

“Inventory is depleted. Inventory is tough to replace right now. Manufacturers are not able to keep up with the demand,” said Kielty.

“Training with firearms isn’t all about having to rely on a gun to save your life. It’s about a special mindset that you have to set building confidence to stand up for yourself in any situation, at any time, any way you can,” said Robbins.

You can find more information about the process to own a firearm in Massachusetts here.