Gloucester residents left to deal with cars totaled by flood waters

Thursday's nor'easter left families in Gloucester with flooded and frozen cars.

Ahead of the storm, a parking ban was issued throughout Gloucester and residents were told they could move their cars to municipal lots, like the high school.

During the storm, high tide came in and left the high school parking lot filled with water.

Plow and tow trucks spent the day in the lot as owners came to find their cars totaled.

"We almost died when we saw it, to be honest with you. It was just like unbelievable. We were like, it was shocking," said Kathy.

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The water rose to the roof of most cars, destroying the inside with salt and water.

"I found out because my buddy actually called me up and said, 'Dude, your Subaru is under water, hate to break it to you'," said Justin. "When I came down here all I could see was the roof of my car."

Friday was all about clean-up, calling insurance companies and getting the cars towed.

"We lost two cars in our home, our neighbors lost two, our other neighbors lost three," said Kathy.

Some of the drivers are just trying to stay positive.

"There's so much more to life than this right now, and you just got to move forward from here," said Justin.

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Boston 25 News reached out to the mayor to find out what they're doing about it. So far, they say they have a high volume of requests and encourage people to just call their insurance companies if their cars were totaled in this storm.