• Former Miss USA contestants accuse Trump of inappropriate behavior

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    After a video of comments made by Donald Trump surfaced, a former Miss Washington USA contestant shared what she said was her experience with the Republican presidential nominee.

    Cassandra Searles was Miss Washington USA 2013.

    In a Rolling Stone Magazine story, Searles recalls that during the Miss USA pageant, Trump demanded the women redo their introductions if they failed to look him in the eye.

    She claimed he grabbed her buttocks and invited her to his hotel. Searles called Trump a “misogynist” who “treated us like cattle.”

    In a Facebook post, Yahoo! reported, Searles talked about how contestants were treated during the pageant.

    Do y’all remember that one time we had to do our own stage introductions, but this one guy treated us like cattle and made us do it again because we didn’t look him in the eyes? Do you also remember when he then proceeded to have us lined up so he could get a closer look at his property? Oh I forgot to mention that guy will be in the running to become the next president of the United States. I love the idea of having a misogynist as the President……. #HeWill ProbablySueMe #iHaveWorseStoriesSoComeAt MeBro #Drumpf

    Trump owned the Miss Universe Organization and sold it in 2015.  

    On Wednesday two women told The New York Times that Trump had touched them inappropriately.

    The Palm Beach Post in Florida reported that a woman said Trump groped her at his Mar-a-Lago estate.

    Searles' claim is not the only one from former pageant participants.

    Mariah Billado, former Miss Vermont Teen USA told BuzzFeed News Trump walked in on contestants while they were changing. Some contestants, Billado said, were as young as 15.

    “I remember putting on my dress really quick because I was like, ‘Oh my god, there’s a man in here,’” said Billado said, adding that Trump said something along the lines of, "Don’t worry, ladies, I’ve seen it all before."

    BuzzFeed News reported that three other women, who asked to remain anonymous, also made the claim that Trump entered the room while contestants were changing.One of the three said she was clothed and introducerd her self to Trump and the other two said they rushed to cover themselves.

    But BuzzFeed News said 11 contestants in the 1997 pageant said they don't remember seeing Trum in the dressing room and some said they don't think he could have been in the room. The report said none of the 15 women interviewed said Trump said anything lewd or touched anyone in the room.

    Former Miss Arizona Tasha Dixon told KCBS-TV that when she was competing in Miss USA in 2001 that Trump walked in while women were changing into bikinis. "Some girls were topless. Other girls were naked," she said.

    "I’m telling you Donald Trump owned the pageant for the reasons to utilize his power to get around beautiful women," Dixon said. "Who do you complain to? He owns the pageant. There’s no one to complain to. Everyone there works for him."

    Former Miss California Carrie Prejean disagreed with those claims.

    "To paint Mr. Trump as someone who would purposely walk into a women’s dressing room and ask women to come impress him is the most disgusting accusation so far," Prejean  said in a statement. "Mr. Trump has empowered me as a woman, has given me career opportunities and defended me during my reign as Miss California USA."

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