• Former DNC chair opens up about 2016 election

    By: Blair Miller


    A woman who lead the Democratic Party and worked closely with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders gives new insight into what happened behind the scenes of the 2016 election.

    Former DNC Chair Donna Brazile's story has been up and down. While wrapping up a fellowship at Harvard University, she launched a book that sheds light on what happened during the 2016 election. 

    Brazile was once a star leader of the National Democratic Party, but then the focus of criticism for tipping off the Clinton Campaign ahead of time on the questions she might be getting during a town hall between Clinton and Sanders.

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    In her book, she writes, "I had promised Bernie... I would get to the bottom of whether or not Hillary's team had rigged the party process in her favor so that only she would win the nomination."

    On the next page, she goes on, "I had found my proof and what I had found broke my heart."

    "What I saw was the DNC essentially spending resources before Hillary Clinton had secured the nomination... on research, on technology, fundraising, opening up offices," Brazile told Boston 25 News anchor Blair Miller. "It worried me still that these activities were taking place in the middle of a contentious and very competitive primary season.

    Miller asked her if there was proof that Clinton had rigged the election.

    "There was no proof that she had rigged the election," said Brazile. 

    While so many people are focused on the next presidential election, Brazile is not, and not yet ready to say who she thinks could challenge President Donald Trump.

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    "I am convinced that we are going to see a lot of new face," said Brazile. 

    She says she has a list of 52 people considering a run, but her biggest concern is that the hacking that took place still exists.

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