Former BPD officer sentenced in connection to straw purchases of firearms

A former Boston Police officer was sentenced in federal court in Boston with illegally purchasing two firearms on behalf of acquaintances, according to a release from the United States Attorney's Office.

The former officer, 38-year-old West Roxbury native Adarbaad Karani, was sentenced to three months in prison and one year of supervisded release.

He was convicted in September 2018 following a five-day jury trial for two counts of making a false statement during a purchase of firearms and two counts of making a false statement in a record.

On two separate occasions, one in November 2014 and the other in September 2015, Karani acted as a "straw purchaser" of two firearms, which he purchased for two different people.

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He purchased the firearms, which can't be acquired by civilians, using police identification and falsely certified they were for official police use. During one instance, he said the firearm was not for resale.

One of the firearms was stolen from the person who Karani bought the gun for, and the gun was recovered by law enforcement during an arrest of an alleged member of the Columbia Point Dogs.