Fitchburg school employee on leave after threatening President Trump on Twitter

ASHBURNHAM, Mass. - A Fitchburg Public Schools employee is under investigation by the Secret Service for allegedly threatening President Trump on social media.

The employee, a paraprofessional who works with special needs students, has also been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation.

Her husband, the principal at Fitchburg's Longsjo Middle School, spoke only to Boston 25 News about his wife's tweet, which was screenshotted and shared multiple times on social media.

At first, the tweet caught the attention of the local police force, and subsequently, federal agents.

"People have their preferences but sometimes you should just keep your two cents to yourself, you know?" said Roger Valcourt, a parent.

The tweet, posted on Oct. 10, said "No just kill Trump...," and has been generating controversy around town.

Parents were shocked to learn what happened, saying both the principal and his wife are star educators.

After the tweet was reported to Ashburnham Police, the Secret Service launched an investigation, telling Boston 25 News they are aware of the incident and investigate all threats made against the President.

"I don’t know what was going through her head, I guess, but it’s not a good thing to say you want to kill the president."

Alex Clemente, who is a parent at Fitchburg Public Schools and a veteran who fought in Iraq, says the tweet went too far. "I don’t know what was going through her head, I guess, but it’s not a good thing to say you want to kill the president."

"Even though you don’t like him, you can’t say that," Clemente said.

The employee's husband told Boston 25 News in an off-camera interview she meant no harm, saying, "It was lapse in judgment, a mistake. It was a bad choice of words that were taken out of context. My wife is not a malicious person, and has an impeccable work record. She’s embarrassed by this situation."

While Principal Chalifoux spoke to Boston 25 News on the record, his wife isn't being identified because she is not facing any charges.

The superintendent told Boston 25 News the employee has been placed on paid administrative leave, saying, in a statement, this "is being done to protect her interests as well as the interest of the district [and] it will allow the investigation to conclude and minimize any disruption and distraction and protects her safety and security."