First wave of college admissions scandal defendants due in federal court

Fifty people have been charged in connection with a massive college admissions cheating scandal uncovered by the FBI, and the first wave of defendants are getting set for their first federal court appearance.

Monday morning begins the first phase of federal court appearances by the defendants named in the case, as the massive cheating and bribery scandal captures the attention of the entire country.

The list of defendants includes Hollywood celebrities and prestigious college athletic coaches, as authorities in Boston allege parents bribed and cheated to get their children into top universities like Yale and the University of Southern California.

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Criminal defense attorney Peter Elikann outlined what could be the next move in the case, saying it's most likely not going to be going to trial.

"They think that they really have recordings, they have documented evidence where very few of the people are going to be able to come forward and say, 'I didn't commit any crime, nothing happened,'" Elikann said.

Elikann said jail time is certainly on the table, but it will be a case-by-case basis.

"The entire game of strategy here is going to be about sentencing," Elikann said. "What would make sense, what is reasonable and fair in light of these particular offenses."

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Since the news broke of the massive scandal, Elikann said it's been a unique case where so many people feel affected.

"This really has made the blood of the public boil with anger," Elikann said. "There’s some kid out there who worked hard, played by the rules, did everything right, knocked themselves out, and they didn’t get the spot because some other kid came in and stole that position. That’s going to affect their life, for the rest of their life."

Many of the athletic coaches appearing in court Monday have since stepped down from their position.

Others, including the celebrity parents, are set to appear in Boston next week.