Finding work and earning income is difficult in a stay-at-home world

BOSTON — Finding income is a challenge for so many people right now.

The latest “stay at home” advisory from the governor will make it even tougher to bring in cash.

In a Dedham shopping plaza with nine stores, only the dentist and supermarket are open. It’s a microcosm of the state of the entire country.

Jake Haddock had a plan in place with a degree from Emerson. He was set be off to pursue his career writing in comedy.

“The plan was New York City to start waiting tables, doing really anything I can to pay my student loans off, but now with all this stuff going on it’s tough to do anything really,” Haddock said.

Streets there are empty, just like here.

Shopping centers, like so many others, with stores shuttered and signs providing a hopeful day they may open again.

Haddock says he and his friends have been trying to find jobs with no luck.

“As far as my field, there’s nothing. Obviously, waiting tables, there’s nothing, especially now since everything is closed off. It’s hard to find anything to do really,” he said.

Finding a job is one thing. But many right now are considering the possibility of losing theirs.

Fishbowl asked 17,000 verified professionals if they felt coronavirus would result in layoffs at their company. Across the country, 54 percent said yes. In Boston, 45 percent think layoffs will come.

There is one space where plenty of people are going, that’s the online marketplace.

Raitis Purins is a side hustle expert and head of marketing at Printful. He sees a space where profits can be turned.

“Opportunity for everyone is to use this time when most people are online. Printful is one of the largest dropshipping companies in the world. They’ve seen people selling in some of the hardest hit spots,” he said. “As in Italy, a couple of weeks they are already in a lockdown and still people are doing much. Not just essential products like toilet paper but also general stuff that they want to entertain you.”

Jake wants to do stand-up comedy and hopefully entertain others. Until clubs and nightspots are able to take customers again, he’ll keep his attitude open to a future full of opportunity.

“All you can do is stay positive and hope everything gets better,” he said.

For many, the only option seems to be unemployment assistance.

To help with that, the state is conducting virtual town halls everyday – to help people with filing their claims and getting questions answered.


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