Family hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning after turning on heat

PLYMOUTH, Mass. — A family in Plymouth was rushed to the hospital today after suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning in their own home after they turned the heat on for the first time this season.

The family believes the high levels of carbon monoxide became concentrated inside the house after a blocked chimney trapped the exhaust from the heat inside the house. Three people and three dogs had to be treated immediately and are currently recovering at the hospital.

Jason Nali and his wife Britney rushed to his uncle's house in Plymouth after hearing his uncle, aunt and grandmother were exposed to high levels of carbon monoxide.

"One of them was a little delirious and confused, the other one actually couldn't stand up, had difficulty walking, and then the other one had chest pains, so they all had different symptoms," said Jason Nali.

After bringing the three family members to the hospital, Nali and his wife also took their three dogs to the vet where they'll stay for at least 24 hours for treatment.

Nali's family is still recovering from the CO poisoning - and his uncle may need more help.

"Two of them, their levels seem to be coming down, one of them their levels are not, so he has to go into a hyperbaric chamber. He could have heart damage, they're worried about brain damage, you know it can affect your organs, so they're worried about all of that," Nali said.

Despite the scare, the situation could have been a lot worse.

"Anytime you see something like that you're always worried, you know, that it could be something fatal," said Steve Madden, a neighbor of the family.

"It's scary because you can't smell it, you can't see it, you know the alarm did go off," said Jason Nali.

The State Fire Marshall says heating is the number one cause of elevated carbon monoxide levels inside a home, which is why this time of the year poses the most danger.

To avoid a CO scare, you should check your detectors every few years and give your furnace a tune-up before turning your heat on for the first time in the season.

Nali says he's just thankful his family made it out alive and is now hoping his uncle will recover soon.