Energized manhole cover shocked dogs in Dorchester, owner says

BOSTON — A man from Dorchester says his two dogs were shocked while walking near the Adams St. Bridge between Dorchester and Milton.

Georgio Natali told Boston 25 News he was walking with his dogs, Luna and Titano, on Christmas Day.

As the three crossed the bridge, Natali says the animals stepped on a manhole cover and something shocked them.

Luna moved away quickly, but he says Titano was stuck to the plate.

"Biting his own tongue, bleeding from his mouth, shaking," Natali said. "I was thinking he was having a heart attack, something - I don't know what."

Natali says a group of men stopped to help him, and one of them felt a current through his glove.

He took a picture of the responding crews, who told him the charge could have come from the wiring from the lights on the bridge. The lights are still turned off.

Titano was kept at the vet overnight for observation. He had burns and some fluid in his lungs, but he is okay.

Boston 25 News reached out to the Department of Public Works and the Mayor's Office, but have not heard back.

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