• Disabled vets look forward all year to annual fishing trip

    QUINCY, Mass. -

    For the past 60 years, disabled veterans have been slapping on their sunscreen, grabbing their favorite hat, and hitting the water. On Wednesday, the tradition continued.

    "I can't think of a better day," said veteran Bob Fleming. 

    Collectively been all over the world, each of them defending our country in different branches of military and different wars.

    The 60th Disabled Veterans Fishing trip is something they wait all year for.

    Harvey’s Salt Water Fishing Club in Quincy puts the trip together for the nearly 200 disabled vets. But for so many of the veterans, it's so much more than a fishing trip

    "Some of these guys it’s the only chance they have to get out of the hospital all year long,” said Michael O’Connor with the Commodore Quincy Yacht Club.

    The boats are donated by Boston Harbor Lobstermen Association, and they're outfitted with nurses and all equipment needed to make the trip possible.

    "Not all that long ago if you were here, you would see a gurney being moved onto the boat and they'd be assisted in the fishing," said Michael Cheney with Harvey's Saltwater Fishing Club. 

    Owen Lyons spent years on boats in the navy during WWII, but these days this is his only chance all year to get out on the water in the fishing trip.

    “It’s good to get back,” he said.

    Whether they catch anything or not, everyone goes home happy, counting the days until next year.




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