Despite CDC recommendations for unvaccinated to stay home, many still traveling Labor Day weekend

BOSTON — It is Labor Day weekend and Boston 25 News found many people on the move for a quick getaway.

This week the CDC released a recommendation for unvaccinated people not travel because of the highly contagious Delta variant.

A lot of people Boston 25 News spoke with said their game plan was to get to their location and try to be low key -- spend time outside and try to be with people who they know are vaccinated.

But doctors said even with that comes risk.

Logan was bumping all day.

Beth Spurlock and Amy Haboush flew up from Virginia for their friend’s bachelorette weekend.

It’s their first flight since the pandemic.

They hope anyone is not vaccinated listens to the CDC’s recommendation for the unvaccinated to not travel this holiday weekend.

“I feel like if I use common sense and social distance like I am supposed that is my best defense it,” said Spurlock. “Honestly, I don’t think you should be traveling if you are not vaccinated.”

Dr. Shira Doron is the Infectious Disease Physician and Hospital Epidemiologist at Tufts Medical Center.

She said the unvaccinated really need should not be getting on airplanes or socializing with larger groups.

“Well, cases are up throughout the country. And it is not a safe time for the unvaccinated. Period,” Doron said. ”It is less safe right now across most of the country than it was May and June.”

Doron said unvaccinated can keep themselves and others safer by testing regularly so they know if they picked up the virus.

We also heard from road trippers.

John Edwards drove up from New York and he made a decision to only be with people he knows are vaccinated.

“We passed on a couple of other events where people we didn’t know if they were vaccinated or not so we are trying to keep as safe as possible,” he said.