• Brockton police shoot man with hatchet outside cellphone store


    BROCKTON, Mass. - A man was rushed to the hospital after being shot by police in Brockton, according to the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office. 

    Mayor Moises Rodrigues told Boston 25 News the man entered a cellphone store with a hatchet and acted aggressively. He said police officers were already in the area for a funeral escort and were flagged down by bystanders. 

    Officers said they ordered the man to drop the hatchet when he came out of the store and shot him when he didn't comply. 

    According to Rodrigues, the man was shot once and shot with a Taser once. 

    The man was taken to the hospital. Boston 25 News has learned he is out of surgery, but no additional information was released. 

    "We know very little about him," Rodrigues said. "He looks like someone who could be a dark-skinned Hispanic or African."

    There was a large police presence on Main Street in Brockton for an investigation into the incident Wednesday afternoon. 

    Main Street was shut down for a couple of blocks shortly after 1 p.m.

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