• Couple preparing for birth of daughter loses home in Charlestown marina fire


    A Charlestown couple just weeks away from welcoming their new daughter to the world was dealt a major setback, as a fire destroyed the boat that they called home.

    A marina lit up in flames Tuesday, when a fire quickly jumped from boat to boat.

    "Within five minutes, it was up and there was nothing we could do," Will Leon, who lost his boat, said.

    Leon and Kate Harrison lived on one of the boats the fire spread to, and said their neighbor alerted them to the fire and immediately tried to douse the flames.

    Before firefighters arrived, six fire extinguishers were used on the flames, but the fire was too big, and was only getting bigger.

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    "It hit me hard, it really hit me hard because, at that point, it was starting to sink in there was nothing we could do," Leon said.

    Harrison and Leon, who are expecting a baby girl in March, lost everything they own and more.

    "We had all of our baby things ready," Harrison said. "We had a shower recently, and lost all of those things."

    Despite the devastating loss, the couple said they're thankful to so many people for helping them through the difficult time.

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    They praised the Boston Fire Department and Coast Guard for the quick response and dedication, and are happy no one was hurt in the incident.

    "We're here and that's what's important," Harrison said.

    The couple's boat sank along with another boat, and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

    The Boston Fire Department estimates damages at around $1,000,000, and there is a GoFundMe page set up for the couple, which can be found by clicking here

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