Consumer prices are on the rise, but for how long?

BOSTON — Gas, cars and food are all things you’re paying more for recently.

“I have just…going into the store I bought a chicken and the price was outrageous,” said Donna Algere of Roslindale.

She paid 20% more Wednesday night. Gas is up too.

“A modest increase in gas,” said Bernie Plant, who was pumping gas in Norwood.

But that’s not all. Plant was shocked at the price of chlorine for his pool.

“I checked the pricing of chlorine the other day. For 100lbs it was $400 where it normally would be $150,” Plant said.

Economists said it’s inflation due to an increase in consumer demand while supply rises are lacking. The result is rising prices.

Professor Nada Sanders is a distinguished professor of Supply Chains at Northeastern.

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“You have really pent up consumer demand. People have been locked down, they have their stimulus checks. They’re ready to go,” Professor Sanders said.

But the big concern is how long will this last. Most economists said it’s temporary, and Professor Sanders agrees somewhat.

“It’s partly correct in the sense that it’s a blip but I believe a much longer blip,” Professor Sanders said.

She also thinks this will last until 2022, possibly longer, but that’s not all.

“So my call is that this is going to be with us for a long time. I believe it’s going to get worse before it gets better,” Sanders said.

Her advice for consumers trying to save money:

“I think the answer is to be flexible and buy when there are goods there,” Sanders said.