Chihuahua in need of new home after owner dies from COVID-19

BOSTON, Mass. — The MSPCA-Angell adoption center in Boston is taking care of a Chihuahua who was surrendered from her home in Brockton after her owner died from COVID-19.

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The five-year-old pup named Chloe arrived at the center on Friday, April 17, 2020, with a metal plate attached to the bones of her right front leg. The plate is from a surgery performed in 2016 to repair a broken bone and it was supposed to be removed after recovery.

Although she appears to stand and walk with little pain, MSPCA-Angell staff members are concerned about the long-term implications associated with the plate.

If the plate cannot be removed without creating more damage to her leg, the veterinary team will amputate it to spare her from future health problems.

Chloe’s medical bills are expected to top $1,5000 and will be paid for by Spike’s Fund. Anyone who wishes to help contribute to her medical bills can do so by donating here.

Due to COVID-19, all MSPCA adoption centers have temporarily transitioned to appointment-based adoptions and surrenders.

According to MSPCA-Angell, the number of animals surrendered to adoption centers have actually decreased since the pandemic began, but they caution that they may change.

“We are bracing for a wave of COVID-19 surrenders in the coming weeks as both the disease- and the economic fallout associated with it- bite deeper in Massachusetts,” said Mike Keiley who is the Director of Adoption Centers and Programs.

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