• CCC approves new regulations for home delivery, cannabis cafes


    BOSTON - The Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has approved new regulations for marijuana delivery to homes and for social consumption when marijuana cafes starting opening. 

    On Tuesday, the CCC finalized its regulations on what security measures need to be in place for home delivery. This won’t be like when the pizza guy shows up. The drivers will be required to have locked compartments to help prevent robberies since most marijuana transactions have to be in cash. The drivers will also have body cameras to deter would-be thieves. 

    "We are obviously going to monitor it carefully... we really do believe we have tried as hard as we can and successfully addressed the concerns raised by the law enforcement community," said CCC Chairman Steven Hoffman.

    "The footage will be protected and it can only be accessed by a court order, a search warrant or a constitutionally valid search and seizure," said Shaleen Title of the CCC. "Nobody would be able to go in and fish through it."

    Home delivery is expected in the state within the next few months. The CCC says the social consumption regulations for the marijuana cafes still needs a possible legislative change, which could take a while. 

    Just after the CCC meeting Tuesday, Governor Charlie Baker declared a public health emergency and announced a 4-month ban on the sale of all vaping products. The emergency order is supposed to go into effect right away and stores are supposed to stop selling all vaping products at least through late January. 

    The Cannabis Control Commission says they are in the process of notifying all of the licensed dispensaries to stop selling vape products immediately.  

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