Car fatally hits man on Comm. Ave. in Allston

BOSTON — Boston Police are investigating a deadly hit and run in Allston.

A man in his 80s was crossing Commonwealth Avenue and police say he was hit by a car that kept going.

The police commissioner told Boston 25 news they were able to get a plate number from witnesses and from there they found the vehicle at the owner's home about a mile from the scene.

The black Jeep had heavy damage to the front passenger side. The windshield was smashed. The side view mirror was missing.

Boston Police Investigators are questioning the driver and Commissioner Williams Evans says they will go from there as far as possible criminal charges.

Police said the man was walking across Comm. Ave. by Griggs Road in Allston just before 1 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Police say he was in the cross walk when he was hit. Several of his items were all over the road.

There were also black vehicle parts at the scene including a side view mirror.

One witness told Boston 25 News the scene was awful.

“I heard a loud bang and then I saw a person in the air -- just for a quick moment,” the witness, who didn’t want to be identified, said. “Then we came to this point and we saw the man laying on the ground and as you can see -- I don't know how far, but in my opinion that is about 25 meters. And the person was unresponsive, and his eyes were open."

Police say they are also working on figuring out how fast the vehicle was going and if it had the light.

They are also going through surveillance video from some of the nearby businesses.

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