Hernandez trial: Graphic photos shown in court, camera captures juror

BOSTON — In court Tuesday, jurors in the double murder trial were shown graphic photos of the crime scene and the bodies of the two men shot to death.

The camera in the courtroom was ordered shut off Tuesday after defense attorneys told the judge it had captured a juror.

Typically, courtroom cameras are only allowed in on the condition they do not show pictures of the jury.

After it was brought up, Judge Jeffery Locke ordered the camera be shut off for inadvertently recording a juror.

On the stand Tuesday, Brian Quon said he and his partner were stopped at a red light on Marginal Street when a silver SUV with Rhode Island plates pulled up very close to them.

In 2012, Quon worked security at a nightclub near the shooting scene.

He had just left work and was on his way home when Safiro Furtado and Daniel De Abreu were killed in a drive-by shooting.

When the SUV stopped next Quon, he said a man inside looked down at him and then sped through the red light.

Seconds later, he said he heard a series of gun shots.

Then he saw a car with broken glass near it and the silver SUV driving away.

As they pulled up to the car, Quon said it was clear to him that the front-seat passenger was dead and the driver was dying.

“His eyes were rolling back into his head, rolling back, he had laborious breathing…but then it stopped,” Quon said.

He said he saw three men get out of the back seat of the car after the shooting. Then he and his partner drove away from the scene and called 911.

Prosecutors say Hernandez was inside the silver SUV and was the one who killed the two men. The defense claims another man, the driver of the SUV, was the gunman.


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