Brockton native crowned Miss Massachusetts USA as 5 black women are reigning pageant champions

Brockton native crowned Miss Massachusetts as 5 black women are reigning pageant champions

BROCKTON — Brockton native Sabrina Victor now joins a group of elite women.

The UMass Amherst graduate has just been crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2020.

And it’s a pivotal moment in time for her to hold this title, as five black women are the reigning champions of the five most important beauty pageants in the world.

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“I would say one of the most significant and important eras in pageantry,” Sabrina said.

Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA, Miss America and Miss World now serve as examples to the next generation of contestants like Sabrina.

“These women that are winning these crowns, they are intelligent, they are really smart and they are successful in so many different types of fields,” Sabrina said.

And Sabrina tells us it’s not just a historic time because of skin color -- but also hair style.

Sabrina is proud to wear her natural hair. She calls it a bold move that shows the turning point in the pageant world.

“Those years ago, I probably wouldn’t have been able to compete looking the way I look, or if I did I may not have been received well,” she said.

She will compete on the national stage at the Miss USA pageant this spring along with her high school friend, fellow Brockton native Andreia Gibau, who was just crowned Miss New York USA.

Sabrina says she hopes their success will show young people in their hometown that they, too, can take a similar path, and anything is possible.

“You might be able to walk around and feel OK, knowing that there’s somebody else out there who looks like me and she’s doing pretty well -- so I’m gonna do well too,” she said.