Brigham and Women's Hospital unveils chilling new security videos

BOSTON — Brigham and Women's Hospital launched a new security training program Friday to crack down on trespassing in hospitals.

According to the hospital, the new training video targets ‘piggybacking’ – the practice of closely following authorized personnel through restricted doors.

The new training aims to keep staff from holding doors open for people behind them. Administrators at the Brigham say they’re focused on security over courtesy.

The new security focus comes after a woman posing as a doctor was able to sneak into operating rooms in the hospital over the course of two days in December. While she didn't hurt patients, it demonstrated the need for better security measures.

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In 2015 beloved surgeon Dr. Michael Davidson was shot and killed by someone conducting personal business at the hospital.

Staff are expected to be more vigilant and make sure restricted areas remain off limits to the public.%



The training videos, which depict trespassing leading to violence or abduction of newborns, began circulating to staff Friday.

The videos were filmed with staff members and highlight the danger of staff holding the door for someone as a way of being polite, but allow the person to gain access to areas that are supposed to be off limits.

The hospital will also post signs at each of its 12,000 sites that require an ID card for access, reminding employees to check behind them.

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