• Boston's Keytar Bear attacked, 3 NH juveniles arrested

    By: Dalton Main


    BOSTON - Three kids from New Hampshire were arrested Saturday after attacking and stealing from a beloved Boston busker.

    “Keytar Bear” was reportedly attacked outside the old state house Saturday evening as he played to the Sail Boston crowd.

    The well-known – though anonymous – musician sets up at T stops and popular destinations around town to play the keytar and collect tips. He’s become a popular figure for the city.

    Police responded to a report of an assault in progress near Congress and State Streets when they found a group of males fighting “Keytar Bear.”
    A police officer turned on his lights and sirens, which prompted the group to run away.

    Witnesses described the incident and told officers they saw three of the suspects climb scaffolding in an attempt to hide from police.

    “The suspects ripped off the Keytar Bear's mask, struck him several times in the face and body while calling him racial slurs,” police said in a release.

    Police say witnesses attempted to intervene.

    Three juveniles from New Hampshire were arrested and charged with assault and battery, affray, and disorderly conduct.

    Police say one of the suspects had a bottle of vodka in his pocket and was charged as a minor in possession of alcohol.

    This isn't the first time Keytar Bear has been assaulted. Two people were arrested in 2014 for attacking him and the community hosted a fundraiser to help him

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