• Boston man ODs in Dunkin Donuts while child waits in dining area, say police


    MANCHESTER, NH - A Boston man was arrested after allegedly injecting himself with heroin in a Dunkin Donuts bathroom while a young boy waited outside. 

    Police said the 26-year-old Christopher Morrissey of Boston went into the bathroom of the Dunkin Donuts to take heroin. He left a 9-year-old boy in his care to wait in the dining area. 

    The boy eventually alerted staff that Morrissey had been inside the bathroom for a long period of time. Staff members entered and found him unconscious, said police. 

    They immediately called 911, and emergency officials arrived and gave Morrissey narcan. 

    Morrissey was taken to Elliot Hospital and the boy was placed in the care of his grandmother. 

    Morrissey has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child and was released on $2,000 personal recognizance bail. He is scheduled to appear in the 9th Circuit Court-Manchester on Sept. 6

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