Mother of man who killed Auburn officer said she 'doesn't have words'

AUBURN, Mass. — When Jorge Zambrano allegedly shot and killed an Auburn police officer in the line of duty Saturday night, it was not the first time he had a violent confrontation with police.

Zambrano had a lengthy criminal history found in a list of documents obtained by FOX25's Bob Ward.

From his history, it's clear that when he got arrested, he didn't hesitate to take on the police.

FOX25 spoke with Zambrano's mother Monday, she told us, "I don’t have the words to express. I am sorry for the policeman’s family.”

At Zambrano's sister's house a man yelled at FOX25's Ted Daniel and told him to leave the property.

Boston attorney Brad Bailey told FOX25 these facts should have been a warning for other police.

According to court documents, Zambrano was constantly in trouble with the law. He served substantial state prison time on charges of trafficking cocaine.

In 2007 and again in January 2016, Zambrano was also charged with attacking Worcester police officers.

In 2007, Zambrano allegedly punched an officer in the face, reached for a knife in a car, and then punched and kicked two officers on the ground.

Then in January 2016, another Worcester police officer said Zambrano pulled him into his vehicle with his pit bull during a traffic stop.

Zambrano was charged with assault and battery on a police officer, but he received no jail time. According to the Boston Globe, Zambrano was ordered to have mental health counseling after the attack.

Just last week, Zambrano was arrested for criminal motor vehicle violations.

“There should have been all sorts of warning signs there -- out there -- about this guy that he was a danger to law enforcement and anyone who tried to stop him apparently,” Bailey said. "I think it's going to become a case where there's going to be a lot of attention about how recidivist individuals who have police violence on the records should be dealt with."