Ants invade homes as drought drains groundwater

MILFORD, Mass. — Ants across the state are making their presence known, and more homeowners than usual will notice them thanks to drought conditions.

Steve Mazzuchelli owns Milford Exterminating Service and he told business is up more than 20-percent this summer.

“They're looking for food and water. Kitchens, bathrooms, any leaky pipes, sometimes the sweat from the pipes, that's what they're doing,” he said.

It’s the same reason this summer has been tough on ground plants.

“When we have drought periods, what's happening is ground water is the moisture source insects rely on to survive tend to dry out,” Michael Bentley from National Pest Management said.

Homeowners are advised to keep kitchens clean and clear bushes away from their foundation to help prevent ants and other critters from getting in.