Angry Zaxby's customer throws 'under-seasoned' fries over the counter

JONESBORO, Ga. — Police are searching for a customer who tossed her takeout order towards employees at a fast-food restaurant.

Officers said she was upset because her food wasn't prepared correctly so she took two takeout containers filled with food and tossed them back over the counter.

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The customer then punched the monitor right before she left a Zaxby's resturant in Jonesboro, Georgia.

Surveillance video shows her leaving with the takeout order, then coming back with a man within 30 seconds to complain about the order.

"The French fries did not have enough seasoning salt on them," Clayton County Police Department Det. Sefan Schindller said.

Police said the unruly customer told the manager the food wasn't prepared correctly, and then, apparently unhappy with the response, tossed the food with stunned customers looking on.

"She could potentially face charges for the damage to the property," Schindller said.

Officers said the manager tried to satisfy the customer, but nothing would work.

Police are asking for the public's help identifying the customer.