• American flags hung on local overpasses destroyed


    Someone is going around destroying American flags hung up on local overpasses. The man who put the flags up in honor of his uncle, says he is heartbroken by the actions.

    “We salvaged what we could, we did the best we could,” said Paul Alegria.

    Alegria tells Boston 25 News someone vandalized at least 12 American flags.

    “We were driving up 128 and noticed some of the flags had been damaged,” said Alegria.

    He put flags up across overpasses in Lexington, Waltham and Newton.

    “It hurts, we put them up… someone came along and just tore it down,” said Alegria.

    Alegria says he started putting up the flags a few years ago, in honor of his uncle Manuel Fernandes. He served overseas in France for two tours of duty, where uncle Manny was dealing with ammunitions.

    “My uncle Manny came back from the war in a shoe box,” said Alegria.

    As a child, Alegria would always see his aunt suffer after she lost her husband. Growing up, he realized how much his aunt and families across the country had to sacrifice.

    “The sacrifices that all Americans have made, especially during the war. We were so united, everyone sacrificed, everybody had losses,” said Alegria.

    So, he wanted to do something in honor of his uncle, and for the everyday people of Massachusetts.

    “We had this idea that having flags on overpasses would inspire people about what the flag really means,” he said.

    When he saw the very flags he put up destroyed, he was stunned. He hopes the person who did this gets this message.

    “We wanted the people, who did this, don't hurt us. The people of the United States,” he said.

    Alegria filed a complaint with police in several departments. He is hoping the suspect has a heart and will come forward.

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