• A NH rescue squad's life-size 'Elf on the Shelf' has gone missing


    DEERFIELD, N.H. - An emergency rescue team in Deerfield, New Hampshire, has taken the 'Elf on the Shelf' trend to a new level. 

    The team dressed up a life-size mannequin as the mischievous holiday figure and they prop him up around town. 

    But Zippy, as he is called, has gone missing. 

    The life-size figure was sunbathing near the entrance to Veasey Park the last time he was scene. 

    Deerfield Police have been notified and the rescue squad has launched an all-out search for their holiday friend. 

    "This is not a joke or a game, we are very upset about someone choosing to ruin the fun for Deerfield's children," the group wrote on its Facebook page. 

    According to the post, only a few vehicles are 'authorized to help zippy:' three red Ford F150 pickup trucks, a blue minivan and a blue Ford Focus. 

    Any residents who may have scene other vehicles transporting Zippy are asked to contact Deerfield Police. 

    Some of Zippy's fans have even been appealing for his safe return. 

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