6-year-old dancer loses leg to strep throat infection, other leg in danger

A young dancer in northern Ohio is battling an unusual infection after a case of strep throat and flu that caused her to lose her leg, and now doctors are worried she could lose her other leg.

Tessa Puma, 6, from suburban Akron, was treated for strep throat in early March, then last week she came down with the flu.

"These illnesses manifested into a terrible infection that resulted in the loss of her left leg," the family said on the crowdfunding site You Caring.

The girl was hospitalized Friday after her leg started swelling up. Doctors had to amputate after discovering a serious infection, Fox 8 Cleveland reported.

One of Tessa’s dance teachers at Northfield, Ohio, studio told the TV station she’s never seen anything like an infection that would cause a child to lose a leg.

“In the 28 years that I’ve been teaching dance, this is the most devastating thing that we’ve had to go through,” instructor Stacey Kopec said.

The Puma family is asking for prayers and donations on their You Caring site to help with the medical costs.