• 3-year-old boy falls out of three-story window in Norwood

    By: Elysia Rodriguez


    NORWOOD, Mass. - A 3-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after falling three stories out of his bedroom window onto pavement below.

    Police say he was home alone at the time.

    "Apparently the child was in the care of his grandmother. He had fallen asleep. The grandmother had gone to a nearby school to pick up other kids that she was minding, she left him alone, obviously he woke up and must have leaned on the screen and tumbled out the window," said Norwood Police Chief Bill Brooks.

    Someone walking by around 3 p.m. Tuesday noticed the boy fall on Dean Street and called 911.

    "All things considered, he was in pretty good condition for having just fallen 30 feet," said Joe O'Malley, public information officer for the Norwood Fire Department.

    The boy was conscious and had cuts and scrapes but no other visible injuries. 

    This close call came just a couple of hours after one in East Boston.

    In that case, witness Anthony Cordova, who was on Saratoga Street, also called 911.

    "I was walking to get my kids from school and I happen to hear him screaming from there. I didn’t see anything at first but then I looked up and the kid was hanging out the window. First thing I did was call the cops, call 911," Cordova said.

    That child may have climbed out through a space next to the air conditioner and onto a roof area.

    He was rescued by first responders and taken to a Boston hospital.

    The incidents are scary reminders for parents and guardians as the weather continues to warm up.

    "Take very special care during the warmer months – if you are going to use an air conditioner make sure its secured and if you are going to have your windows open, you want to make sure you have eyes on your kids at all times," O'Malley said.

    The Department of Children and Families is investigating both incidents.

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