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25 Investigates: Probe into Mass. Trial Court Officers Academy hazing allegations concludes.

The investigation into the academy that trains court officers in Massachusetts is complete, 25 Investigates has learned.

As Investigative reporter Ted Daniel first reported earlier this year, an outside team was brought in to probe allegations of hazing and abuse.

The team’s report was turned over to the Executive Office of the Trial Court early on Friday. The office did not make it available when 25 Investigates requested a copy saying it was still being reviewed.

We requested it through a public records request. The office now has 10 days to fulfill our request.

In September, two high-ranking academy officials were sidelined based on information gathered during the investigation. Assistant Director of Security Nicholas DeAngelis and Heather Brouillette, the deputy director for the state court system was placed on leave pending the outcome.

A spokesperson for the courts tells 25 Investigates both remain on paid leave while the office reviews the reports.

A member of the Governor’s council, Joe Ferreira, first went public with allegations that trial court officer recruits were being mistreated during academy training.

Ferreira expects the report will expose years of bad behavior.

“There were rampant reports of abuse, unethical, illegal behavior going on in the courthouse and the Academy and beyond,” Ferreira said after receiving word that the investigation was completed. “People talk about bad things going on for the last five years or more and it just never got the attention that it deserved until now.

According to Ferreira, several former recruits are preparing or considering lawsuits against the academy for what they alleged happened to them.