25 Investigates: RMV employee sidelined from job

Inside source tells 25 Investigates suspension linked to handling of vehicle titles

QUINCY, Mass. — A Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles employee has been placed on paid administrative leave according to a spokesperson for the agency. Boston 25 is not naming the employee because he-or-she has not been charged with a crime.

A source who works for the RMV told 25 investigates the employee processed vehicle titles, including salvage titles, at RMV headquarters in Quincy. The source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the suspension is linked to irregularities found in titles produced for car dealers and private owners. Titles are legal documents that certify ownership. It is illegal to alter or falsify them.

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25 Investigates asked the RMV if the employee is being investigated by law enforcement.

A spokesperson said, “MassDOT does not comment on pending investigations or employee discipline.”

The RMV has been working to restore public trust since a deadly crash in New Hampshire exposed a serious lack of oversight within the agency. The registry had been allowing out-of-state violations to pile up in boxes instead of acting on them.

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