15 years after he vanished, Hyde Park woman still looking for son

PORTLAND, Maine — Myrna Gonzalez has not seen or heard from her son, Miguel Oliveras, in 15 years. The pain of his unexplained disappearance is only growing.

“Every year is hard for me. It gets harder,” Myrna said.

Miguel Oliveras disappeared on September 2, 2006. Boston 25 News has covered Miguel’s case frequently on New England’s Unsolved. Miguel’s last moments were recorded on video surveillance at a Portland, Maine strip bar called Platinum Plus. Miguel lived in Hyde Park.

But his mother said, in the days before he vanished, Miguel’s on again-off again girlfriend called him, asking him to come to Portland where she was dancing at Platinum Plus. Myrna said the former girlfriend even paid the reluctant Miguel’s bus fare.

Myrna added that she didn’t find out her son traveled to Maine until he called her when he got to town

“I didn’t hear from him ever since. And the last words I heard from him was like, ‘Mom, I love you. Go to bed. I’m OK.’ That was it,” Gonzalez said.

The girlfriend later told police, she had Miguel ejected from the club because he was causing a disturbance while she was dancing.

In 2007 Boston 25 News’ Bob Ward talked to Portland Police as they scoured the Platinum Plus surveillance video trying to identify the man walking out of the club with Miguel. He’s never been identified, and police don’t know what happened to Miguel after he walks out of the video.

“Fifteen years, it’s like he just disappeared,” Myrna said. “He just disappeared, nothing.”

If you have any information about what happened to Miguel Oliveras, call Portland, Maine Police at 207-874-8575.