'The Mighty Quinn' can finally leave his house

WEYMOUTH, Mass. — A milestone on Sunday for a little boy from Weymouth as he recovers from cancer treatment. Quinn waters, otherwise known as 'The Mighty Quinn' can finally come out of his house.

And he got a rousing welcome back to the world.

He's been the boy waving from the window all summer long, but on Sunday Quinn Waters of Weymouth marked his final day in isolation with his kind of party.

"He loves cars, trucks, motorcycles," his father Jarlath Waters said.

And so it was a love-fest outside Quinn's window as a century of automotive history rolled by.

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"A kid that can't come out to a car show, we brought the car show to him," said Mike Dignan of Spindles Auto Club.

Quinn hasn't been able to come out of the house for anything because his immune system was recovering after treatment for a malignant brain tumor.

"Very hard to keep a 3-year-old in the house for a day, never mind 100 days," Jarlath Waters said.

Those days were always made brighter, his dad says, when visitors would drop by his window, as so many did on Sunday for the final time.

"When you see a kid that gets that much enjoyment out of what we do, and we get to hang with our friends, it's all well worth it," Dignan said.

Quinn's illness closed him off for the summer but opened his parents' eyes to a need they're working to fulfill: blood and platelet donations.

"Saved his life on several occasions," Jarlath Waters said. "He's had over two dozen transfusions of blood and platelets over 7 months."

They've helped organize several drives since Quinn fell ill, with another coming up later this year.

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For now, though, they're making plans to reintroduce The Mighty Quinn to the world at large.

"We'll take him to the beach," his father said. "Let him run around the sand."

A boy in the window no more.