'Human is human': Pats fans react to charges against Robert Kraft

BOSTON — Some Patriots fans came to Robert Kraft's defense Friday after he was charged with soliciting prostitution as part of a human trafficking investigation in Florida.

Many people told Boston 25 News while they are able to separate the owner’s actions from the team’s legacy, Kraft is still due his day in court to defend himself.

Many families were busy enjoying the last day of February vacation at Patriot Place this afternoon when the news broke of the allegations facing Robert Kraft.

Fans we spoke with are expressing support for Kraft and the Patriots organization, noting the important charity work done by the Kraft Foundation.

"I would never expect something like that from him," one fan said. "I mean, he has such a high reputation.”

And say they won’t let this news ruin the high of the recent Super Bowl victory.

"Everybody in their life has done one thing, two things, that they really really would like to get a pass for, me, you, Robert Kraft, doesn’t matter how much money you have, human is human," Kevin Maxwell said.

Some fans told us they’re used to bombshell scandals with the team and say while the allegations may be disappointing, they’re not necessarily surprised.

"All people that are kind of like that now a days, they all have skeletons in their closet, it’s just whether they get exposed or not," Nicole Jendraszek said.

Everyone we spoke with agreed this doesn’t tarnish the team itself -- or the players -- and say they’ll wait to learn more before they pass judgement.