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Should you buy your Disney tickets at Costco?

If you’re a Costco member, you already get all kinds of great ticket deals for movies, local attractions and more. But what about Costco Disney tickets?

Should you buy passes for Disney World or Disneyland at a discount inside your local warehouse club?

Costco Disney tickets: Fact or fiction?

Despite what many people believe to the contrary, you can't purchase individual tickets to Disney Parks at Costco stores.

By some accounts, the warehouse club stopped selling those standalone tickets in 2016.

But Costco Travel does sell Disney vacation packages that come bundled with park tickets.

In some cases, that may be a deal. But that’s not always the case, as we found…

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Costco Travel’s Disney vacation packages vs. Disney’s prices

We pulled price quotes for a stay at several Disney Resorts in Orlando, Fla., booked directly through the Disney website and compared them to what Costco Travel offers.

The quotes below include 5-Day Disney Theme Park Tickets with Park Hopper Option for two adults and two children.

Resort Resort type Dates Costco Travel total cost* Disney direct booking total cost*
All-Star Sports Value June 17-22 $2,946.34 $3,013.71
Caribbean Beach Moderate June 3-9 $3,781.79 $3,733.83
Boardwalk Inn Deluxe June 17-22 $4,579.55 $4,492.07

* All quotes accurate as of April 19, 2019.

So, the takeaway is this: Costco Travel may give you an advantage when you’re looking to stay at a value resort inside the park and bundle tickets. But be sure you shop around if you’re looking to stay at a moderate or deluxe resort. Of course, your results may vary!

More options for discounted Disney tickets

Scoring cheap Disney tickets can be easier than you think.

A good first stop when you're searching is this ticket calculator, which features admission deals from the following authorized Disney ticket discount wholesalers:

  • Park Savers
  • Reserve Direct
  • Undercover Tourist
  • Boardwalk Ticketing
  • Maple Leaf Tickets
  • Official Ticket Center

Beyond that, did you know that military personnel and families can get discounted lodging through This is a special program for our brave men and women in uniform offered in partnership with Disney. Other discounts on park admission, dining and transportation are available, too.

Finally, you can actually score free Disney tickets if you're a member of the Disney Moms panel or a member of the press. Learn more about both opportunities here.

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